Restoration and Cleaning

Our items go through an inspection where we analyze and determine what type of restoration is needed. Some Items do not require to be restored but to be cleaned and cleansed. 

1. Cleaning & Cleansing - This process is done to all of our items except those that are Brand New Condition. We clean the interior and exterior of the item and go through a energy purification. 

2. Restoration - This is where we apply our techniques to the leather, suede and other fabric pieces. For shoes we also take into account the damage done to the sole and decide what is best for longevity. Sometimes this requires us to do a half resole (as to maintain the inegrity of the branding). For purses we carefully apply our techniques to renovate the leather or suede, and metal material (if required).

We do our best to restore these items so that you always receive something that is rejuvenated no matter what quality it was in and get a good/excellent quality guaranteed.

Energy Cleanse

As we know energy is everything. This is why when we buy pre-loved items we are essentially buying the energy of its previous owner and the conditions, experiences, and emotions that the previous owner and environment it was in.

At Selene's Closet we want our customers to experience high vibe cleansed pre-loved items. 

By using crystals along with our energetic process your new addition to your closet is Energetically Cleansed ready for your new success. 


We package our products with the intention of sharing a luxury experience. When you make the decision to purchase a designer item you are joining in on an experience that you will always remember. I remember every item I bought within my closet and how it was packaged. It is our mission to share that experience when you purchase pre-loved. I personally pack every shipment to ensure your experience is a memorable one.